ETXT, a portable tool that encrypts text notes

ETXT is an open source program of only 97Kb in size, it doesn’t need installation, it can be executed from within a USB thumbdrive making it ideal for use at public computers, the software doesn’t need administrator rights to run either.

This free encryption notepad tool is very simple to use, the text can not be formatted with bold, colouring or any other fancy features, you simple write your message, click on Save and a .etxt (encrypted text) file will be created. To read the ciphered text message all that it is needed is to use the program to select the file and it immediately be decrypted as soon as you open it up, there is no password to be used.

ETXT encrypted text notes

ETXT encrypted text notes

I was very disappointed with this software, it claims to encrypt text messages but I could not find anywhere what algorithm they are using for that which makes me think that it could be some kind of untested home brew encryption algorithm, a bigger disappointment was the lack of password protection, anyone who comes across your encrypted text message can read it by just downloading the program and opening it up, all they need to do is guessing what software you used for encryption, if you really need that kind of weak protection you could encrypt and decrypt your messages online with the weak ROT13 or Base64 ciphers, there are plenty of websites for that.

Visit ETXT homepage

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