Modify files and folders timestamps with NewFileTime

NewFileTime is a small Windows utility to easily change files and folders timestamps, the application doesn’t need any installation, it can be run from a USB thumbdrive in portable mode and lets you change the Modified, Created and Accessed timestamps (day,month,year and time). To change a file or folder Created and Accessed date it is as easy as dragging and dropping the file inside NewFileTime main window or manually selecting the files using the import button. Its best feature is that you can add multiple files and folders and change all dates at once.

NewFileTime change file folder timestamp

NewFileTime change file folder timestamp

The menu lets you to quickly add and subtract hours or days to the file timestamps using one of the preset values, timestamps can also be exported or imported using the txt button. Overall this program does what it says on the tin with and you won’t need any administrator rights to run it. There are other free utilities to change a Windows file timestamp like Mooo TimeStamp or Timestamp modifier but I have found NewFileTime to be the easiest to use.

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