RAMMap lists RAM memory processes

Knowing what is running on RAM memory when the system is live not only helps you find out computer load and what programs are taking up most of your expensive limited RAM memory, it also helps to spot malware, which often runs in RAM memory.

RAMMap RAM Memory Analyzer

RAMMap RAM Memory Analyser

RAMMap is a 27Kb  freeware from Microsoft Sysinternals that will give you exhaustive information on processes, priorities, physical pages and file details, everything is orderly displayed and classified in tabs, its advanced memory usage analysis is a little geeky, experts will love the detailed data reports that include memory load and path, newbies will benefit of this software by gaining a good understanding on how Windows manages and allocates RAM memory, if you are troubleshooting computer problems this program might be a convenient tool, memory snapshots can be saved as .rmp, a proprietary file extension unique to RAMMap.

Visit RAMMap Sysinternals homepage

Note: It only works in Windows Vista and higher.

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