Remotely monitor your home with a webcam using UGOlog

You can use a remote webcam to watch your pets at home, set up a virtual baby monitoring system or just for home surveillance while you are away, this is a good and cheap way to secure your house setting up a spy webcam and have it to activate on motion detection without the need for expensive cabled CCTV that can be spotted a mile away.

After signing up for a UGOlog account you will need to register your webcam with them, this is easy to do, any brand will work even IP webcams, there is no need for software downloads the setup process is carried out in UGOlog servers, once it is done you will be able to monitor your home or business in real time and record everything or schedule your webcam to start recording at a certain time or if the webcam has a motion sensor set it up to detect intruders, its RSS feed able to notify you of webcam changes can be the alarm warning you that someone just entered your home.

UGOlog provides you with a simple to use web browser interface to access the webcam broadcasting, recording and settings, the interface can manage more than one webcam and it includes a timeline and history archive which is stored at UGOlog servers, this can be accessed from any PC with internet access all you need is your UGOlog username and password.

Remote webcam surveillance UGOlog

Remote webcam surveillance UGOlog

It is possible to take webcam screenshots instead of continuous video surveillance recording, taking screenshots will save hard disk space when storing them. The free service is capped in data storage, with paid for options giving you more space allowing for more webcam snapshots to be taken per hour and more cameras to be connected.

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