Track changes in computer files with WinPatrol

This lightweight system monitoring software (802Kb) supervises the programs running in your PC, it will create a snapshot of the critical files in your operating system and warn you if anything has changed, it uses heuristics, based on file behaviour, to detect zero day attacks. WinPatrol has a tabbed easy to navigate interface. Inside the “StartUp Programs” tab you will see a list of the software that starts at boot time, double clicking on any of ┬áthe program names will give you further information on them, with another click you can disable a start up program or decide to delay its launch, this can speed up your Windows boot up time.

WinPatrol will stop changes without your permission in the registry, scheduled tasks, IE Addons, ActiveX controls and more, hidden files will be exposed and if a program has changed a file association, WinPatrol can restore it. Unlike other antispyware software WinPatrol does not scan your hard disk for malicious files it monitors the system files behaviour instead, this will minimize conflicts with other computer security software you are running. WinPatrol also has a privacy feature to stop Internet tracking cookies allowing you to manage your cookies and erase them based on cookie name using keyword filtering.

WinPatrol system monitoring tool

WinPatrol system monitoring tool

If you suspect you have malware in your computer or notice a sluggish PC, you can use WinPatrol to look at the software running and kill unwanted background processes, WinPatrol it is a good complimentary tool to stop malware. Together with a good antivirus and firewall, this software will help you control how your computer system files work, some of the features like real time monitoring and access to a database with information about cryptic files and what they do are only available with the non free Plus version of WinPatrol.

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