Secure free Android firewall Droidwall

This security app consists of a front end application implementing Linux IP tables (IP packet filtering at kernel level) to stop unauthorized outgoing Internet connections, unlike other so called “Android firewall” applications that only block SMS messages and calls, Droidwall really blocks app Internet access.

A benefit of blocking apps Internet access, besides security, is that you will not waste your bandwidth and battery with unknown call home data connections that some developers embed in their apps, Droidwall lets you turn off 3G and Wifi access, with 4G support, for any application, if you don’t trust an app installed in your smartphone disable its Internet access, you can log what app is accessing the Internet and review it later making sure there are no malicious hacking or unwanted Internet activities going on in your phone.

Droidwall can be password protected so that only the phone owner can change the settings, it is easily configurable, with a whitelist mode where nothing is allowed onto the Internet and any app desiring Internet connection will need an approval first, and a blacklist mode where Internet access is available for all apps and the user needs to select what applications to block.

Free Android firewall Droidwall

Free Android firewall Droidwall

Droidwall default firewall method is the whitelist mode which is safer, if you modify the settings make sure to tap on “Apply rules” after the changes or they will not take effect. This Android firewall app does not work in the background continuously consuming battery, once the rules have been saved the app gets out of the way and will not waste battery power.

Note: App requires a rooted device for installation.

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