Uninstall a Windows program safely with iObit uninstaller

iObit uninstaller is a tool to help you get rid of junk left behind by uninstalled programs, some of its advantages over the standard Windows uninstaller is that it will scan the registry and hard drive to find invalid keys and leftover files, allows you to uninstall various program in batch mode using a single click, and it has a “Force Uninstall” mode to eliminate software not listed in the Windows Add/Remove control panel or if the original uninstaller no longer works, however this is not guaranteed to succeed all the time.

It’s tabbed interface classifies installed programs in “Windows Updates” ; “Rarely Used” ; “Large Programs” ; “Recently Installed” ; “Toolbars” and “All Programs“. This makes it very easy to find what you want to get rid of, an instant search box is also included, after using the Powerful Scan you will be presented with all the leftover files found and asked if you would like to erase them, anything you do is logged inside a text file accessible from the menu together with a shortcut to Windows Restore Point to reverse changes, iObit uninstaller will create a restore point every time you use the advanced uninstall mode.

iObit free Windows uninstaller

iObit free Windows uninstaller

This program does not need installation and it can used in portable mode, it is a good tool to have for IT administrators, however, it requires administrator rights, unlike  some of their competitors iObit uninstaller does not track what changes are made to your computer when you install software, the program is not as complete as Revo Uninstaller Pro, but it is free, if you are having problems eradicating a hard to go program it is well worth a try.

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