Aircover mobile phone security for Android and iPhone

Aircover is a security and privacy app for Android with an iPhone version coming soon, what makes this app stand out from the crowd is that it pretends to be an all-round solution not needing anything else to secure your smartphone.

This app comes with an anti-virus offering real time protection against malware, GPS tracking to locate your loved ones with automatic notification when someone moves out of a pre-defined location, privacy protection allowing the user to control what apps can access what, online cloud backup with 2GB of expandable storage space to copy and restore personal data to a new device in case the mobile phone gets lost or stolen, a device found alarm that lets you track down a lost mobile phone from a PC and remotely wipe it to protect your personal data, and system optimization providing details on resource usage (CPU, battery,memory) able to kill processes, clean cache and other tasks that will speed up your device.

AirCover mobile phone security software

AirCover mobile phone security software

The battery meter tells you the approximate time you have left to complete a particular activity (Wifi, voice call, 3G Internet) before it cuts off averting getting stuck in the middle. Aircover is an excellent idea, instead of having five apps to do everything, you download a single app to address all of the problems that most security conscious people have, it will help you make your mobile phone theft proof.

It probably could be improved with a screen lock, and if you are picky, not knowing what anti-virus engine Aircover is using to find malware could be a bit concerning, we will have to trust it is as good as the likes of KasperSky and F-Secure, the only thing I would not be using this app for is the online backup, there is no mention at all of encryption for data backups, I can see someone hacking a server and getting access to your private data due to this, I am not  comfortable having unencrypted data stored online, the app is still in beta and I hope the developers add encryption to their online backups in future versions.

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