Digital certificate email encrytion with Comodo SecureEmail

Sending email via Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail it is like sending a postcard, anyone who comes across it can read its contents, that includes your ISP and your email provider, Gmail even scans your email contents to introduce what they call relevant publicity, encrypting email messages is the only way to make sure that no third party can eavesdrop on your communications.

There are a few specialist webmail providers that use encryption end to end but you are trusting them with your encryption keys, in security you must trust as few people as it is possible, the more people has access to your private encryption keys the easier a data leakage will be.

Comodo SecureEmail works locally in your computer to send, receive and store encrypted emails, including attachments, it is easy to use and deploy, and free, you can digitally sign emails to confirming the sender’s identity, a digital signature is even harder to fake than a real life pen and paper signature. The software is compatible with Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, Eudora and other IMAP and SMTP email clients. Comodo SecureEmail comes with a wizard to easily import a Comodo email certificate for encryption and digital signing, or just choose to import someone’s public encryption key instead.

Comodo Secure Email

Comodo Secure Email

If the receiver of the emails does not use Comodo SecureEmail he can still read the encrypted messages using a web based reader, the messages will be encrypted using a single use session digital certificate.

Comodo SecureEmail main features

  • Easy to use for newbies with automatic encryption and decryption of emails
  • It supports most email clients even if they haven’t got built-in encryption
  • Wizard to install the necessary digital certificates to encrypt and digital sign messages
  • Web reader service to decrypt messages encrypted using a single use digital certificate (aka session certificate)

This email encryption software is light in resources, a small 6.5MB download and it is very flexible, you will not have to swap email software, once the digital certificates have been installed the whole encryption process is automated without having to exchange public encryption keys, encrypting emails using a digital certificate is as secure as using PGP keys to secure messages and easier to use for newbies.

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