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Kepard is a new comer to the crowded VPN arena, they have not been around for long but show some commitment to their business having invested in an easy to navigate website, various VPN locations across continents and an user friendly VPN client that works in Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS supporting PPTP; L2TP and OpenVPN protocols in UDP or TCP (to bypass firewalls) mode.

Kepard has server locations in the USA, Canada, Netherlands, UK and Germany I tested their speed a few times and I got an average of 5Mbps, this is plenty to stream high definition video, I had no problem watching US TV websites like ABC and Hulu from abroad. The Netherlands server can be used for filesharing and there are no bandwidth restrictions, you can connect up to two devices at the same time with a single account.

I really loved their lightweight VPN software, you should be able to appreciate in the screenshot below that it is very easy to configure and set up and it has a very clear layout that allows you to see at all times what country you are connected to and change your computer IP using a single click. I was disconnected a couple of times while using L2TP and my computer IP did not leak, when this happened I would get page not found message while trying to surf the Internet. If you can’t make the VPN client work in your computer if necessary the support team will use Teamviewer to help you out, support tickets are logged and replied to in around 24 hours or less,

Kepard OpenVPN software

Kepard OpenVPN software

Kepard can be used during 30 minutes everyday for free allowing you test their services at no risk. The websites you visit aren’t logged and connection IP logs are kept for 3 days to deal with spammers and abuse, after this they are gone for ever. The VPN headquarters are located in the Republic of Moldova, a non EU country, making it difficult for US authorities to abuse their power and issue a malicious international subpoena before the logs have been erased.

All I could find against Kepard is that pseudo-anonymous payment systems like Bitcoin are not available, they only accept Paypal and credit card and they do not have as many server locations as some of the big VPN companies but how many people really use all of those locations? I have been before with a VPN service that had over two dozen servers spread worldwide and I found myself always using the same three countries and unable to use any of their Asian servers because the ping rate to my home country in Europe was too high and it slowed down my internet browsing.

This can be a good VPN for those who value privacy, due to their clear low retention log policy found in their FAQ, and their high speed servers with unlimited bandwidth, with no outsourced support team able to give you a personal reply to your problems instead of a copy and paste answer and they also have a refer a friend program rewarding customers with a 1 month free VPN service for each of your friends signing up with them.

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