Android encrypted data backup with truBackup

truBackup is an Android app to backup an restore data, ┬áit allows you to select the files you wish to copy, like contacts, SMS, applications, or media files with photos and videos. Data can be backed up to internal or external storage (SD card) or to the cloud in your DropBox account, truBackup main interface is clear and simple to use, with only four buttons to tap on its main window: “Backup” ; “Restore” ; “Schedules” ; “My Devices“.

When you first run the app it will ask you where you would like to store the data and shown backup progress when you tap the “Show Status” bar at the bottom of the screen, you can schedule backups daily, weekly or monthly at an specified time and never have to remember again backing up your data, if you are backing up online to Dropbox, to avoid huge mobile phone bills choose the option “Wi-fi only” inside the settings.

truBackup Android encrypted backup

truBackup Android encrypted backup

All data is encrypted with AES256, the app can do incremental backups, saving you time by only copying those files that have changed since the last backup, logs and reports show you what has been copied and how much space you are using, what I liked most of this app was its simple interface and being able to encrypt data prior to copying it, there are more complete Android data backup apps with built-in encryption like Titanium Backup but it is considerably more expensive.

If you want to encrypt and back up your Android data for free you could use a cloud service like SpiderOak, but it will only work when you are online.

Note: truBackup currently costs $2.99

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