Best smartphone apps to exchange secret messages

Even if you take care of your personal privacy the people you are communicating with might not be as privacy conscious or knowledgeable. If one of your contacts misplaces their phone with your private pictures and messages you would also be compromised, or if they stop being your friends and become your enemies anything you have previously sent, could be used against you.

The following smartphone apps will make it hard for others to permanently store text, photos and videos you send to them.

Confide: It sends end to end encrypted messages that will disappear after reading and you will get a receipt once the message has been opened. There is built-in screenshot protection that makes it difficult to take a screenshot by concealing the message until somebody swipes the screen.

Confide smartphone app

Confide smartphone app

Telegram: Cloud based encrypted self-destructing messages, you can create private group chats to share files and store data on the cloud that is available across devices. For higher security is best to adopt Telegram “Secret Chats” option, where encryption is end to end without going across any intermediary server.

Whisper: This app will post messages and photos to your social network without revealing who you are. The idea is to allow people to share thoughts and information with people they known through a nickname. Whisper provides a huge amount of photos you can customize with your own feelings before posting, you can use it to vent frustration, people reading the messages can then choose to have a one to one private chat with you.

Wickr: This is an app targeted at those really serious about security, it encrypts all communications, you can send texts, videos, photos and make calls in total privacy, with an expiration date. The app has security audit to make sure there are no flaws, and it is used by businesses to hide their trade secrets as well as people who want a private life, the app allows you to choose who has access to your messages and how long for.

Self-destructing messages app Wickr

Self-destructing messages app Wickr

Dust: Available for Android and iPhone, this app can send messages that will self-destruct after a set number of days or hours, no data touches the memory card, nothing can be recovered and it warns you if anybody takes a screenshot of a message you sent. You can create discussion groups and invite other Dust users.

DontTalk: If you make a mistake sending something the app allows you to recall messages before your friends see them, set up group chats, whispers and self-destructing pop messages. This app is appropriate for those trying to protect from pseudofriends leaking the information you send, but it will not serve as protection from a law enforcement agency although no doubt it will make their job harder.

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