Encrypt data in Android with Secret Space Encryptor

Secret Space Encryptor is a cross platform tool made up of a password manager, message encryption to encrypt text, and file encryption to password protect photos or videos. Each function can be configured in settings to apply a different cipher algorithm, Secret Space Encryptor comes with a wide range of ciphers: AES-256bit, Blowfish-256/448bit, Serpent-256bit, Twofish-256bit and Gost-256bit.

File encryption will preserve timestamps and associate .enc files with the utility, the password manager can classify data inside coloured folders and back everything up exporting it to an encryped .pwv file that can be later imported back or save it unencrypted to an .xml file, a standard format to import data into other applications like a different password manager.

Secret Space Encryptor Android

Secret Space Encryptor Android

You will find other embedded privacy utilities like a clipboard cleaner, algorithm benchmark or customizable password generator. The software is very complete and open source, giving you some guarantee against backdoors, amazingly this free app has no advertisements or nagging screens, this a very easy to use encryption tool, the software is available for Windows, Android, Linux and Mac OS X, there is a java version of the program that runs on any OS with Java installed.

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