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OrangeWebsite is a hosting company specialised in free speech hosting with its headquarters and servers based in Iceland, their terms and conditions allow you to host any controversial material with the only exception of neonazi websites because ethnic agitation is a crime in Iceland and sites that promote potential harm to minors or link to child pornography. You are also allowed to run a tor proxy or VPN using one of their servers, their range of services embrace private whois domain registration (outside the USA), shared hosting for small businesses or personal websites, virtual servers and dedicated servers. Customers can sign up for hosting, affiliate program and domain registration anonymously, you will only be asked for your email address and Bitcoins will be used for payments.

I was given a package to test their services and I was quite pleased with everything, I have been using cPanel for years but I had not problem getting used to their ispCP (Internet Service Provider Control Panel) administration panel used to manage domains and files, it is more simple than cPanel and has less features but enough to get the job done, if you would like to install WordPress or a similar platform and do not know how to do it, you can request to have it installed for you at no extra cost when you order the hosting plan. The welcome email will include all the details you need to set your website, host IP to FTP files, DNS server for your domain and a URL to access webmail (RoundCube), one of the addresses is indicated as special access without leaving any logs.

OrangeWebsite hosting control panel

OrangeWebsite hosting control panel

Backups are performed daily but the SQL database will have to be downloaded manually using using phpMyAdmin where the username is your database user and password is the database user password, one main difference to have into account in comparison with cPanel.

OrangeWebsite should fulfill the needs of those longing for reasonably priced offshore free speech hosting and/or privacy email service (hosted or forwarded) located outside the EU and USA, the best part is that they accept Bitcoin payments making anonymity easier to achieve cutting payment processing companies and their silly terms and conditions out of the equation, this hosting company should also be suitable for people in need of personalised in-house support as opposed to big hosting companies where customers are just a ticket number to the staff. It should not be difficult for a customer to contact OrangeWebsite CEO if you have to.

UPDATE 2013: OrangeWebsite is now using cPanel for webhosting.

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