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HackaServer is a security testing platform where companies can send their applications and apps for skilled hackers to find bugs and exploits, when a server vulnerability is found the hacker gets paid a reward. Big companies like Google and Facebook have their own security team to test code and online applications before they are released to the public, small companies can not afford the thousands of dollars that this costs, HackaServer crowd sources hundreds of hackers looking at code vulnerabilities and misconfiguration testing security and only paying if something is found, with a confidentiality clause protecting the company reputation and real production infrastructure.

Any system administrator can deploy a custom testing server with the most popular operating systems hosting apps in just a few minutes, before you start hacking a virtual server there is a sandbox called “Training Arena” where people can get a feel of the platform and test their pen testing skills.

HackaServer account creation

HackaServer account creation

There are two kind of hacking challenges, one called “Capture the Flag” where the hacker has to penetrate the server and capture all the details as evidence that he was inside, and another challenge where the hacker finds a flaw or vulnerability rating it as critical, medium or low and getting paid by the company for a full report with all the details. The report is the most important part and it will have to comply with standard penetration test reports, HackaServer only grants hacking rights to the “Playground Arena” after you have passed an IT test showing skills equivalent to a Certified Expert Penetration Tester (CEPT) exam but without being charged for it.

A good way for penetration testing students to improve their skills on HackaServer and increase their income while learning as well as way for black hat hackers to make some money the legal way.

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