Hide text and photos inside sound files with CipherTune

CipherTune is a tool for Mac and Windows to hide text and photos inside .midi sound files using the encryption algorithm Blowfish 256bit. There is no need to install this software, it runs in portable mode, the program is divided into tabs and everything is intuitive, only the drop down camouflage menu is different from anything you have seen before, when you choose to encrypt a file the methods you are given are made of music instruments like “Chorused Piano“, “Harpsichord” or “Electric Grand Piano“, you can adjust the Tempo and choose if the resulting sound file has to be in stereo or mono.

By producing a container sound file the software saves you time by not having to look for an appropriate .midi song with the right size that can be used to hide information inside but it also limits the choice of cover stories you can have for owning that sound.

Steganography and encryption CipherTune

Steganography and encryption CipherTune

The software includes an audio player to listen to the sound file after you click on “Make Encryption Tune” before saving it. I opened one of these .midi steganographic files with Notepad and everything appeared to be encrypted and non readable expect by the words “Text to CipherTune by Kenji Kojima“, this gives away that the file was created using a steganography tool that can embed hidden messages and photos inside, this is clearly not software that you should rely on for secure cover communications, to start with .midi files are not as common as .mp3 and they could attract some attention if there is no valid reason to have them, and then there is the embedded text telling observers what program was used to create the sound file.

This is a very original program, let’s hope security can be improved a bit more by erasing those lines in the header sound file revealing that steganography is present.

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