OnlineVNC: Remotely access your computer on the browser

OnlineVNC is a service that allows you to remotely control a computer using a web browser running on any operating sytem, wherever you are, work, hotels, etc. The service can also be used tor provide online IT support, the only thing needed for it to work is installing the Windows only software on the server side and that Adobe Flash is present on the client side. The application can also grant access to your home computer to friends or work colleages to share huge files with the built-in FTP client or show presentations.

The server control panel allows you to see who is connected and what they are doing in real time, being able to restrict or give viewing, keyboard or mouse access. There is no limit to the number of people who can connect to the computer, communication takes place using the Remote Framebuffer (RFB)  protocol, compatible with offline Virtual Network Computing viewers like TightVNC, RealVNC and UltraVNC, you can log off or lock the remote computer without breaking the connection, the remote desktop picture can be scaled, with a fit to screen mode and the network speed can be changed to slow, reducing the quality of graphics optimizing bandwidth in slow networks.

Remote desktop access OnlineVPN

Remote desktop access OnlineVPN

The connection port number can be configured, this should help getting around firewalls and making your server harder to spot on the Internet by adopting a non usual port, if you notice anyone scanning your computer adding their IP to the Host Filter will blacklist it.

There are trust based downsides to this uncomplicated solution for remote computer access, if you are not using your own computer it would be a security risk accessing OnlineVNC because you have no guarantee against keyloggers in an Internet cafe, but with your own tablet or laptop it is not a problem. Another downside is that the RFB protocol is not very secure and it is possible to crack the password if someone on the network captures the encryption key, but you can tunnel OnlineVNC over a VPN adding an extra security layer with strong encryption, a third downside is that you have to trust the company managing the service to respect your privacy and be responsable, beyond that, OnlineVNC is acceptable for those looking for an effortless way to remotely access computer files.

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