Set up your own whistleblowing platform with Globaleaks

Globaleaks is an open source framework allowing any activist group to set up their own anonymous whistle-blowing platform, using Globaleaks software the whistle blower will be kept anonymous by default. The tool conceives a javascript HTML Globaleaks client that can be provided as a browser addon or invoked through a content delivery network. On the server side tor hidden services give protection against legal liabilities, not only for the sender but also the receiver who will not be able to find out who sent the documents.

You should not confuse this software platform with Wikileaks, Globaleaks does not provide a service, only the necessary software. When you set up a Globaleaks node you don’t become a part of any network, you own the node, with the responsibility of managing submitted leaked information falling on your side.

Globaleaks whistleblowing platform

Globaleaks whistleblowing platform

Activists on the field can use a mobile phone to instantly submit photos, audio and video using GLDroid, a GlobaLeaks submission client for Android integrated with a tor proxy tool called Orbot.For those who can not use tor, Globaleaks allows Internet users to publish information via tor2web, a proxy service that can access hidden .onion sites through a web browser and does not require installing any extra software in the computer. Communication with the server is always encrypted end-to-end, a configurable time delay is introduced to stop a submission events being linked with an instant post on the website, document metadata clean up is optional and it will be up to each node administrator to turn it on.

A nifty feature I liked is the coloured badge that sites running Globaleaks display to the user, pointing out anonymity, encryption and browser security level. A downside to the high security tor layered proxy approach is that the server will manifest high latency issues and it will take several seconds or minutes for the site to respond, during that waiting period Globaleaks will provide information to the user about safe whistleblowing procedures, reassuring the submitter that everything is working.

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