Steganography and encryption with StegHide UI

StegHide UI is a GUI interface for Steghide, an open source steganography program to encrypt and hide data inside images (.jpeg, .bmp) and audio files (.wav, .au), it allows users to do everything Stegide can do with a point and click mouse saving you the command line learning curve. There is a tab where you can use this steganography tool in command line mode were you to feel inclined to do so, StegHide UI offers you the best of both worlds, a GUI and command line all in one program.

There is no need for installation, administrator rights are only needed to change the program settings. You can change the default encryption method, an already secure AES128-bit in CBC mode, set the default output folder or change the command line background colour, font and font colour. The only included help manual consists of the command line tab where you can type “help” and get a list of possible commands. GUI operation is fairly easy, to hide and encrypt files go to the “Embed” tab, select the carrier image or sound where to hide the data and the file you would like to hide, enter a password and choose the encryption algorithm and method using a drop down menu.

Steganography and encryption StegHide UI

Steganography and encryption StegHide UI

To decrypt an steganographic message reverse the process using the “Extract” tab, enter the password and choose the output file with resulting extension, you will need to know what type of file is hidden (.txt, .mp3, .jpg, etc) to get the extension right and be able to view it with the correct program. There is a wide range of encryption algorithms available, the safest are AES Rijndael 128/192/256, Blowfish, TripeDES, Twofish and Serpent, other low strength ciphers like Enigma, Gost, CAST128/256 and Arcfour are included too.

If you would like to defeat steganalysis, the art of detecting hidden data inside files, make sure to securely erase the original file, comparing two files side by side and looking at their differences it is possible to see that data has been embedded in one of them making the extraction easier for an attacker, but encryption with a strong password should still stop adversaries.

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