Check your Internet browser security with Qualys’s BrowserCheck

Qualys Browsercheck is an online test run by a vulnerability assessment company (Qualys) that scans your Internet browser version and outdated plugins after visiting their website. In order to perform a security analysis you will be asked to install a browser plugin available for IE, Firefox and Chrome, that will show complete information about installed applications, like path and associated files. If you do not wish to install Qualys plugin you can opt for a quick online scan with limited information running in your browser, this will only check for browser version, Flash, Shockwave and Java.

The results are neatly presented with an easy to understand colour code, if something has been found to be outdated you will be given a link to the official site from where to download an updated patched version of the software. After the updates have been applied you should rescan your Internet browser again to make sure everything went smoothly.

Qualys Browsercheck security test

Qualys Browsercheck security test

If you can not update one of the vulnerable plugins installed in your browser, it is possible to disable them going into browser settings. The vsecurity test (with the browser plugin) includes the most used applications, like Adobe Flash Player, Sun Java, Shockwave, Apple Quicktime, Real Player, Adobe Reader and Windows Media Player together with inherent OS software like security updates, firewall and antivirus. Qualys security check plugin only works when you visit their Browsercheck website, you can uninstall it once you are done with it.

The vulnerability test is also available for mobile devices like Android, iPhone and iPad as well as little known browsers like K-Meleon, Sleipnir, MineField and Maxthon. A BrowserCheck business edition with a unique URL for company employees allows network administrators to view detailed user browser vulnerabilities in the network. Data collected by Qualys in these security test is anonymized and statistically released showing which are the most outdated plugins on the Internet, according to this data, Java appears to be the most likely application to be run outdated, hence exposed to hacking attacks.

Visit Qualys BrowserCheck homepage

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