Idoo file encryption freeware review

Idoo file encryption can lock, hide and encrypt files using AES256, you will be prompted to enter the masterpassword after installation, and optionally, an email address to recover your password in case you forget it. You can lock and hide files using the interface, but not single file encryption, this can only be done through Windows context menu, I used it to encrypt a file and it did not ask me to confirm my password, you will have to be very careful what you type if it is a long passphrase, I would advise you to tick the box to see the password you are entering and do not use asterisks.

Hiding a couple of photos worked fine, Windows was unable to see them, however, specialist computer forensics software, of the kind used by law enforcement and well funded investigators should be able to discover them, to make the photos or files visible again all that is needed is unchecking a tickbox. File write protection stopped me from erasing files where it had been applied, not even using administrator rights I was able to get around it, Idoo file encryption is fairly easy to use and you have an online help manual with screenshots.

This tool saves encrypted files as .gfl┬ábut you can choose to use a .exe extension to be able to decrypt them without the software, files can securely wiped after use and you can use it to hide drive letters, like an external plugged in device, but I doubt this will be of use for a home user who isn’t on a network.

Idoo file encryption free version

Idoo file encryption free version

I am very concerned about the password recovery feature, I used it once and I was sent my password in plain text to my email Inbox, this indicates to me that the password must be available in plain text somewhere, normally, encryption software never stores a readable password, it uses a hash algorithm instead, Idoo file encryption did not inspire me confidence due to this. I have nothing against password recovery but not this way, a good example of password recovery done right is SpiderOak, they email a password hint that the user has previously set himself, but not the full password in plain text as nobody has access to it.

The developers website comparison in between the Free and Pro version mentions that the Free version is good enough for company documents and the Pro version for Government agencies and financial data, in reality the level of encryption it is exactly the same, the only difference is that the Pro version can encrypt folders, their comparison is not quite right, adding that their password recovery in plain text really blows me away, unless you only want to protect from your little niece spying on you, I wouldn’t waste my time with this product, lets alone any money.

Update February 20117: I have deleted the link to IdooEncryption as it is being reported by Firefox as containing malware. Site does not look updated either, no mention of Windows 10.

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