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Intuitive Password is a free cloud based password management service, communication in between your browser and their server is encrypted with SSL, the servers are hosted inside an enterprise grade data centre protected with a firewall, audited and constantly scanned with antivirus software to quickly detect security breaches. To open an account with Intuitive Password you only need an email address that has to be verified clicking on a link, and setting up a security question, any other personal details are optional.

The security question is very important, I accessed the password manager using a VPN, that changed my computer IP and a message popped up saying that my current location had not been registered with the account and I was challenged to answer with the security question before I could log in, this will happen every time you change geolocation, i.e. travelling. Another security feature that is to be implemented soon is a two factor authentication, after marking a field with “Advanced Protection” you will be sent and asked for an SMS (Short Message Service) code before being able to view that field.

Intuitive Password online password manager

Intuitive Password online password manager

The password manager has an easy to navigate clean lay out, with a single click you can switch from a wide screen desktop view to tablet or smartphone view,  it will work with any operating system and nearly all smartphones, data is synchronized on the cloud without the need to download any application.

There are pre-made templates to store credit card and bank details, the fields include input boxes specific to the data, like Swift code and expiration date, if you need a particular box Intuitive Password lets you create your own template and customize all fields, passwords can be shared in between colleagues accessing a “Shared Items” tab from where securely send secret passwords and view those sent to you by other Intuitive Password users.

The only thing that disappointed me is that the main page said it was compatible with the Opera browser but I could not manage to make it work with Opera and I had to switch to Firefox instead, overall, assuming server security is as good as they say, this could be a good alternative to more established online password manager services, Intuitive Password had one of the best user interfaces I have seen, it should help boost productive time.

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