Advanced SSH and SFTP client Bitvise Tunnelier

Bitvise Tunnelier is a highly configurable Windows SSH client supporting TCP/IP tunnelling, in between others, it can be used as alternative to PuTTY for port forwarding for anonymous Internet browsing hiding your computer IP and getting around filters, there is integrated support for HTTP and Socks proxies, auto-reconnect, graphical SFTP with passive and active mode, FTP to SFTP bridge, client to server/server to client port forwarding, enabling/disabling encryption algorithms for SSH sessions, and saving of profiles. Terminal emulation supports vt100, xterm and bvterm terminals, the most common protocols in SSH servers, there is colour support for xterm and bvterm, RSA/DSA public key authentication, scriptable with a command line remote execution client.

Optionally you can use Tunnelier in command line mode, this is normally use by IT administrators, it comes with flexible command lines able to load profiles on launching, it can be run in portable mode preventing any Windows registry changes. A .paf (PortableApps) and U3 (proprietary format specially designed for flash drives with the U3 Launchpad) portable Tunnelier made by users is available, though not supported by Bitvise.

Bitvise Tunnelier SSH client

Bitvise Tunnelier SSH client

The makers of this software also develop WinSSHD (a Windows SSH server), Bitvise Tunnelier comes with features to remotely control it, Tunnelier supports speeds of up to 5 MB/s when connected to a WinSSHD server. If you are wondering how you could use this software to browse the Internet or access your email through an encrypted tunnel, be aware you will need an SSH server for that, Tunnelier is the tool that will allow you to connect to the tunnel just like OpenVPN software is the tool to allow you to connect to a VPN server.

To get access to a SSH server for port forwarding, set up your own at home on a Windows computer with something like MobaSSH (not very difficult), learn Unix command line (advanced) and get a VPS, or find an SSH tunnel provider. I have used KiTTY and PuTTY to create SSH tunnels for Internet browsing and they both worked fine, but for high configuration and a nice GUI (interface), Tunnelier can not be beaten.

Note: Bitvise Tunnelier is free for personal use and limited use inside organizations.

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