Encrypted Disk Detector for live computer forensics

Encrypted Disk Detector is a free Windows command line tool for computer forensics that can detect Truecrypt, PGP, Bitlocker, Safeboot, Sophos Safeguard, Endpoint Security FDE, Symantec Endpoint FDE and Bestcrypt encrypted volumes. The software checks for encryption signatures in the Master Boot Record and Volume Boot Records, where encryption tools store the authentication hashing mechanism that decrypt data, it also displays OEM ID and volume label partition where applicable, when the encryption software hasn’t got any identifiable signature Encrypted Disk Detector scans for running processes indicative of disk encryption.

This tool is useful to incident response practitioners to quickly determine if encryption is being used in any of the company or network computers before deciding what steps to take next, e.g. mirror drives, prior to pulling the plug. Encrypted Disk Detector runs in read mode and does not make any file changes, its intuitive coloured notification arrangement makes it effortless to interpret the results.

Encrypted Disk Detector finds BestCrypt volume

Encrypted Disk Detector finds BestCrypt volume

Encrypted Disk Detector is not a threat to home users, the software does not attempt to guess what drives are encrypted, it only checks for volumes that are already mounted on live systems, it will not detect encryption in unmounted disks, TCHunt is more appropriate for that task, this is a time saving tool that can be deployed in a matter of seconds in a large network.

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